Thursday, December 14, 2006

I love it when a plan comes together.

I should totally give extra credit to the first person to identify who made that quote famous... kidding - but that individual would totally have my respect.

So, we've finished the big project. I go out to the RC tomorrow to discuss the internships, and it looks as though Julian will be able to take the position in the Spring. Meanwhile, Ford may be able to do it during the summer. I hope that it will be okay for them to ask you questions, should they come up later.

If I get info about that project, I will certainly post it here in the months to come. So, please feel free to drop by to read about it. I will be starting new projects with new students in January, but I'll include updates for you guys in there too. I'll probably leave your links up on this blog and let the students next semester visit them for writing ideas.

You've all been so understanding about the time I was out with my back - I really appreciate that. Additionally, you've been so supportive as I figured out this client-based way of teaching. Your reflections have been very helpful as I plan for next semester.

I have been grading the portfolios, and they look really good so far. It appears that we will have a high percentage of As and Bs. But I honestly believe you deserve that. To have carried on with the project and presentations while I was hurt like you did... WOW! Paul and Rob might not have ever worn spandex, but you still impressed a Fulbright scholar, you got invited to a state conference, you scored an interview with Tommy Bowden in the middle of football season, and all sorts of other phenomenal things. But most importantly, you made it possible for the Red Cross to seriously began work towards meeting its two Health and Saftey goals.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. It's easy to get a little discouraged when you look at how things in the world are going right now, but when you look at the our country's future leaders and realize how great they are, it makes you realize things will be okay. I hope you will all feel free to come to me for help any time you need it. As I said a few times already - once you become one of my students, you are always one of my students; so, I'm always glad to do what I can to help you meet your goals.

Thanks for an outstanding semester! Dream on!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

End of the semester... already???

Here I am in L.A. with one of my colleagues from UConn, listening to what our discussant had to say about our presentation. I think you can tell from the smiles that we were happy with her comments. The grant that I work on is so much fun. I hope some of you are definitely doing this kind of cool work later when you are in grad school. I sent around an email about the extra credit info with the grant kids.

Well, here we are folks... the end of the term. I can hardly believe that a whole semester has passed, save these last few days. It might have been a disaster with my back injury, but you guys manned the ship while I was out and kept the client project from sinking. You even went beyond the basic requirements to keep it afloat and kept it exceptional. Heck - we were asked to present our work at a state conference in Columbia. That's pretty awesome, considering.

Darren has been kind enough to post a nice explanation of how to fix broken lnks on his blog. (See his link on the right.) If you are having trouble, please consult his blog to see if it helps. If it does, please leave him a thank you under his comments.

Don't forget to be blogging during this last week. Some of you have really done a fabulous job on your blogging. I think your writing probably improved as a result of all the writing you did.