Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Answering questions about this week

I have had some excellent email questions, so I thought I'd write a post answering those, to help anyone who might be wondering the same thing. =o)

When is the portfolio due?

I did mention this in class, but I totally understand if you didn't catch it. We had SO MUCH to discuss the last time we met. If you are doing your interview on Wednesday, 2/28, then you may have until Friday, Mar. 2, at 8 pm to complete your portfolio. If you did your interview prior to the 28th, then your deadline is the one listed on the syllabus. It will be due on the 28th by 8 pm.

The reason that I am extending the deadline for the students who are doing the interview on the 28th is because they need time to write the reflection and the thank you letter. Everyone else will have had a few days following the interview to do this.

How do you turn in the mock interview reflection and the thank you letter?

The mock interview reflection is this week's blog topic. So, post it on your blog. Then, include a link to your blog in your portfolio.

The follow-up letter (a.k.a, thank you letter) should be a Word doc that is available in your portfolio. If you need to see an example of a follow-up letter, check your book. OR look in Blackboard under "External Links." There is an example of a follow-up letter on that page.

What should go on the Welcome page of the portfolio?

This was one of those things we discussed in class, but you were watching the portfolio creation while I said it, so I understand if you didn't catch it. On the welcome page, be sure to 1.) introduce yourself, 2.) thank your audience for visiting the site, and 3.) exlain the links you have included.

Instructions for Creating a Blackboard Portfolio

1. Upload all your files (the resume, cover letter, thank you letter) to the Content Collection area in Blackboard.
2. From the Content Collection page, click on the Portfolio Creation link (on the left).
3. Follow the instructions, being sure to: write your welcome page stuff (above) on the welcome page, add the 3 files you uploaded to content collection on the "Add Content" page, and link to your blog on the "Add Link" page.
4. Share your portfolio with "angelar" (no "@clemson.edu) under the "Manage" link for your new portfolio.

If you have any additional questions, please send them to me. =o)

I am really pleased with what I am hearing about your group meetings thus far! Additionallly, the portfolios that have been shared so far are excellent!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More info on the next week

After we have our next round of presentations tomorrow, we will begin our interviews on Friday. These will continue through Monday and Wednesday of next week. I will bring the job descriptions that you gave me on paper to class tomorrow for those of you who have forgotten what your description was. If you emailed it to me, you should be able to look in your outbox to find a copy of what you sent me. (Let me know if you need help with that.) We will not be able to stop presentations to look at the descriptions, so the individuals who need to look at their descriptions will need to do it discreetly, while the presentations are happening.

If you have not signed up for an interview time yet, please let me know at the beginning of class tomorrow.

For your interview:
  • Remember to dress like you are going to a real interview. (I will dress up too, just to make it fair.)
  • Remember to bring a copy of your resume and cover letter (geared towards the job description).
  • If you are concerned about how to prepare, check some of the links that I included in the resume links folder in Blackboard.
While I am conducting interviews on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday, you will be required to have THREE team meetings. When you return to class on Friday of next week, you should bring a printed copy of your agendas and minutes w/ action items for these meetings.

For your team meetings:
  • You will need to prepare a one page, informal report explaining what you want to do for the client. This report should be written in memo format and should be handed in with your agenda/minutes.
  • You need to create a team blog for your group. We are going to send the link to the team blog to the client. One person in the group will need to make a new blog (under the user name that he/she already uses to do the personal blog for the class); then, this person will invite the other members to join the team blog.
  • One person will need to post the first blog to the team blog. This blog should talk about what is going on with your group right now. From this point on, one team member per week should post a project update on the blog.
  • You should check one another's personal blog links on my blog. I have some missing links and some incorrect links. Let me know what I still need to fix because I want to make sure I can give everyone a blog grade when Phase 1 ends. Include the blog links I need to fix in your minutes for that particular meeting.
  • You need to elect a Peer Project Evaluation Committee (PPEC) representative. (Committees are very common in the workplace now. This is great practice for you.) This is a person whom you all trust to represent your group during Phases 2 and 3. The PPEC will look at the proposals to the client that other teams make in Phase 2 and rate them based on how they compare to the work your team did. In Phase 3, the PPEC will look at the other final products and rate them for how they compare to your team's work. All rankings made my PPEC members will be completely confidential. You will need to include the name of the person you elect to represent you in the minutes you turn in to me.
  • At the end of Phase 1, we will do our first peer evaluations too. So, pay attention in your group meetings. You'll need to evaluate the conributions each member of your group is making to the project.
For this week's blog:

Reflect on the presentations so far. If you did yours already, reflect on the experience. If you have only watched others thus far, reflect on the ones that you enjoyed.

You may also reflect on how your team meetings are going, if you are not posting to the team blog for your group.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blog Topic for the Week of Feb. 12

You guys have really done a lot this week... the formatting quiz (easy, but still required some preparation), the letter to the client (also pretty easy), and the Blackboard Portfolio Workshop we'll do on Friday (don't forget to bring laptops). So far, the things you have to do aren't terribly challenging. But I still hope you feel like you are learning some good things from what you've done.

Next week we really kick it up a notch because you will be responsible for doing a lot of things on your own. You'll be doing your presentation on a topic of your choice; be sure to make a really good ppt. We'll talk about how to do that on Friday. You'll have your interviews; be sure to bring your resume and cover letter to that. While I'm interviewing people individually, your groups will need to meet to begin serious work on the project.

Once that's all done, you'll be responsible for putting Portfolio 1 together in Blackboard.

Basically, you're going to have to do a lot on your own and in your groups. I will be here to answer your questions. But I'm giving you the chance to step up and be responsible for putting these different assignments together. Remember to look at the syllabus and stay informed about what is due when.

For this week, I want you to blog about what we've done so far and about your upcoming assignments. Do you feel like you've learned from these easier assignments, like the formatting quiz? Do you think things are going well so far? Do you feel prepared to do the presentation, interview, and portfolio? (Remember - you need to give me through Friday's class before you answer about the portfolio, lol.) Do you feel like your group is ready to begin some work on the project?

Reflect on all these things, and be sure to ask questions if you have them.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Reflections on Last Week

The 1:25 class had an excellent client meeting and will have another next week. I think that having a relationship with a client prior to the class makes it easier. I worked with the Red Cross last semester, so it really helps move things along with them.

We did not get to meet with Stacie from IMPACT in the 12:20 class, but I feel certain that what we did learn from the IMPACT intern will help us get started. I have not been able to talk with Stacie yet, but I hope we can have a visit from her soon. If not, we'll forge ahead with some plans for them to review.

We know how to start on the Sunshine House project, so I think we are okay there. We just need to make 8 drafts of web sites that are modeled after the links we have seen so far. We can do this without problem, I think. I believe one of the most important things for us to think of in the future is the ease of updating the sites that we create.

Reflections on the party situation on student blogs have not been very common in the blogs I've read so far. I think that it's a touchy subject, and people are a little hesistant to open up about it. That's okay. But I do think that people should try to learn from the situation. Things to consider:
1. Things might be offensive to other people even if we don't mean them to be.
2. Anything based on a stereotype is probably going to offend someone.
3. Playing up a stereotype about some other group of people can backfire and cause a stereotype about you to be perpetuated.
4. You have to be VERY careful about what you put online.

The world is a different place now because of the Internet. The way we communicate now has evolved so much in the last ten years. To me, this little youtube video does a good job of representing the evolution of communication: